Welfare Activities

Following are the welfare activities which are provided/managed by the Anjuman:-

  1. Housing – Housing facilities are provided to community members who are charged reasonable/subsidized rentals.
  2. Library – The Agiary complex has an informative Library for the benefit of the members containing several English, Hindi, Gujarati books besides other reading materials.
  3. Medical Equipments – The Anjuman provides facilities of medical equipments for emergency use of members of the community which is given free of charge.
  4. Educational Encouragement Scheme – To encourage Zoroastrian students to pursue lower, middle, higher educational the Anjuman has formulated a scheme which provides financial assistance to students in the field of education.
  5. Financial/Medical aid and Poverty Amelioration Scheme – The Anjuman provides financial, medical aid and poverty amelioration scheme to deserving members of the community which is aimed at alleviating their hardship.
  6. Child Incentive Scheme – The Anjuman has promulgated a child incentive scheme in which the parents are given monetary assistance for first, second and third child.
  7. SMS (SHORT MESSAGING SERVICE) – SMS facility is extensively utilized by the Anjuman for conveying to the community members important events like Jashans, Gahambars, Funerals etc.
  8. Directory of Zoroastrian Families – The Anjuman has been preparing Directory of Zoroastrian families of the twin cities, which is found to be extremely useful to the community members for reference purposes. The latest edition in 2012 was brought and released on 28th November 2012 coinciding with a Gahambar.
  9. Newsletters – Informative and exhaustive newsletters are published every year and released on Navroze. The Newsletter has a ‘Quiz’ section containing questions on religion, which is quite popular with the residents of the twin cities.
  10. Gahambar – Gahambars are held periodically at the Parsi Dharamsala where a simple dinner is served and is eaten and relished by a majority of the community members. The Anjuman has a “Gahambar Fund” where members of the community can contribute.