Other Zoroastrian Institutions

Old Agiary

    1. Seth Viccaji Meherji & Seth Pestonji Meherji Dar-e-Meher (Old Parsi Fire Temple) was consecrated on 12th September 1847. Recently the Dar-e-Meher celebrated its 165th Salghireh on 2nd August 2012. There are 3 Mobed Sahebs and one Chasniwalla to manage the Dar-e-Meher. The Agiary compound has in its fold residential quarters and commercial shops.

Hyderabad Agiary

    • Bai Maneckbai Nusserwanji Chenoy Dar-E-Meher was consecrated on 16th October 1904 and it celebrated its centenary in 2004. The Agiary operates on the Panthak system with 3 Mobed Sahebs and one Chasniwalla managing the Dar-e-Meher. The Agiary compound also has residential quarters and shops facing the main road.

Shapur Baug
Sohrab Manzil

      • Shapoor Baug and Sohrab Manzil are 2 other buildings housing needy Zoroastrians, which are managed by private trusts.Old Parsi Dokhma


  • Old Dokhma – The old Dokhma is managed by the Trustees of the Old Parsi Fire Temple Trust.






      • The Zoroastrian Stree Mandal – A women’s organization which was started over 4 decades ago, has been doing yeoman service for the needy and deserving members of our community by providing them with financial aid for purchase of grain and groceries and towards medical aid. Free clothing and supplementaries are provided to better their living standards.
      • The Parsi School – The Bai Ratanbai J Chenoy Parsi High School was originally an educational institution for Zoroastrian children only. It was later converted into a secular institution which imparts education to over 1200 students. Some of the Zoroastrian students are given free education. The school employs a fairly large staff of Zoroastrian teachers. The School has earned the reputation of being run efficiently and in a professional manner and has consistently maintained excellent standards of discipline and education.


  • The Parsi Dharamsala – The Parsi Dharamsala was founded by the Late Khan Bahadur Edulji S. Chenai who donated his personal property in 1889 for use as a Dharamsala for Zoroastrians coming to the twin cities for their work and pleasure. It is popularly known as the Parsi Dharamsala. In the year 2006, the old residential quarters which was in a bad state of disrepair, was broken down and in its place a modern edifice has been constructed to give better and comfortable facilities to the co-religionists who visit Secunderabad. With air conditioned rooms, the Dharamsala can proudly claim to be amongst the best in the country.
    The Dharamsala complex has a large hall built in 1893 known as Bai Piroj Bai Chenai Hall, and another small hall built in 1919 known as Jamshed S. Chenai Hall. The Dharamsala complex also has a pavilion known as Edulji S. Chenai Pavilion, built in 1929. Various Zoroastrian public meetings, navjotes, marriages and gambhars are held here.


Zoroastrian Club

  • The Parsi Zoroastrian Club – It is a well equipped club with a vast hall. Facilities for indoor games such as billiards, snooker, table tennis are also provided. The fees are nominal. A Health club and a reading room are the new facilities which have been introduced recently for the benefit of the members.
  • Other Trusts – There are numerous other private Trusts for the benefit of the Zoroastrians of the twin cities which provide housing and other aid to the needy and deserving Zoroastrian families.